Contiki Video

A collection of my time and experiences in Europe with a group of the best people i’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling with.

Moore River Sunday

A beautiful sunny day spent on the river with friends loving life

The Bucket List

A well thought out list of all the things i aim to achieve before “kicking the bucket”

10 ways to fight post holiday depression

Post holiday depression is rough, so heres 10 tips i applied to help get me through some down days

Stockton on tees, ENGLAND

A day with family and a spot of hiking

Contiki Day 1

Day 1 of Contiki and i’m starting it with a hangover, why the fuck not!

London Part 2

Doing a half marathon in London wearing thongs. Stupid idea.

London Part 1

If this is day 1….holy shit i’m in for trouble.

Dubai Stopover

Day 1 off to a running start.

June 22nd life update

Dead bodies everywhere…

June 16th life update

3 weeks to go. Holy shit!

May 2nd life update

10 weeks and counting. Lots to do and lots to see…

April 20th life update

No work for 91 days…

Currently in Perth, Australia


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


– Marcel Proust