Life update - April 20th 2016

Things are happening. Everything seems to be falling into place, and all it took was patience, determination,  some careful planning and a shit load of money!  Lol not really.  I actually think I’ve done well financially.

I have 91 days leave from work and plan on spending most of it in Europe.  Over a month spent on tours, a week or two attending festivals,  a few days visiting family, but best of all, loads of time wandering around doing whatever i feel like!

It’s all happening. The plan is set and now everything is being finalised and paid for. My flights are booked, the tours are paid for and im awaiting fresh new passports. I’ve still to find my last tour,  book one more festival,  find travel insurance,  and acquire a few more necessary items for the journey,  backpack included.

Speaking of new items,  i was shopping online last week…oh my god did i shop! I’m crossing my fingers hoping it all arrives before i leave in July.

Thats all for today. More coming soon.


10 weeks, 6 days to go.



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