My Contiki Journey

If you’ve come a point where you have decided to travel and not sure how to do it or are not overly confident in booking your own trip, then i highly recommend you do a Contiki tour.

Contiki tours come in all shapes and sizes and range from short 3 day trips to just short of 2 month tours. They host tours all over the world in 5 different continents and accomodate all different types of travellers. From the explorer who loves to learn about each place in-depth to the camper who wants to get out into the wild and explore the less populated areas, to the adventure seeker who wants to go extreme and see all the exciting things every country has to offer.

I myself done the European Contrasts plus Corfu Sailing tour. It was a ‘High Energy’ tour lasting 29 days.

This is something you will hear every person who has ever done Contiki but i firmly believe that my group of people were the best group anyone could ever ask for. From the tour manager to the driver to every individual. We had more fun and created more memories than i could have ever imagined. We had 47 travellers in our group, and used our coach to travel to 13 countries throughout Europe. This coach became like a second home strangely enough. We slept on it, we laughed on it, we bonded with each other but mostly we spent a lot of our time hungover on it lol.

I could sit and tell you all the amazing things about Contiki but the fact of the matter is, you have to experience it for yourself.

For an insight into my trip, watch the video, its 20 minutes long but perfectly captures all the fun i had and memories i made with a group of the most unique and amazing people i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

And just incase you were still unsure, go visit and browse through all their tours and read about what they do.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.