London - part two

What a massive day today.

Not only did i begin the day with a hangover, but i managed to tick a few small items off my bucket list!

We started the day pretty slow and just walked around for a while looking for somewhere decent for breakfast. It took quite a while because we found that most places weren’t open early, or were waaay too fancy for the type of breakfast we had in mind. But after an hour of walking we finally settled on a place. I had eggs benedict. It was perfect.

I had checked out of my hostel in the morning before we left so that i could make my way to the Royal National Hotel after to the Contiki meet up. I didn’t realise how long the day was going to be.

We walked around London as far as our little legs could take us, just sight seeing, drinking everything in. It was amazing. We seen the walked the Tower Bridge, we wandered through the Borough Markets trying all the fine foods and drinking amazing coffee. We wandered all along the River Thames taking in everything it had to offer. We rode the London Eye atop the city, i struggled because i felt i was going to puke everywhere, but it was still breathtaking. We walked across and gazed our eyes upon Big Ben in all his mighty and then attempted to walk to Westminster before we realised we had just walked 19+kms. Time for a rest stop.

We pulled into a small restaurant Nick’s friends recommended called Giraffe right on the river. 

I had a beef burger and juice.

But after walking nearly 20kms for the day, we were spent, so we deciding to embrace London in the biggest cop out and caught a London cab home. Best decision ever.

Once back at the hostel i packed my bags and had to wave goodbye to my 24 hour long friends…it was actually kind of sad. But, had to be done as i was moving the Royal National Hotel to meet my Contiki group.

I barely slept the night before and walked so far today that i could barely keep my eyes open anymore so once i got the hotel i decided to try get a nap. Unfortunately i was already kind of running late so i only closed my eyes for like 20 minutes then had to go downstairs. 

We done the meet up in the basement and then i thought id go for one or two beers with everyone then get to bed to be fresh for the morning. 

I was wrong in thinking that would happen.

We ended up staying down at the bar for hours and hours and beer after beer kept flowing.

The group was amazing. Everyone is so friendly and full of stories and interesting backgrounds. We ended up sitting up till late and then stumbling up to bed for another 4 hour long sleep. 

But, it was an absolutely amazing day and definitely the way it should have been.

Hungover. Exploring. Indulging in culture. Socialising.

London, you’ve been awesome, but tomorrow, we’re off to France.

Cheerio old chap.

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  1. Myra

    Sounds Brilliant keep soaking it all up and making amazing memories. Much more to come. Love you xxx


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