London - part one

Its been a bad start. A bad bad start. I’m finally in London though.

A quick recap of the events after Dubai. QUICK recap because i am seriously hungover and in desperate need of food.

  • I nearly missed my flight to London from Dubai because i wasn’t listening to the calls and my plane boarded fully when i heard the final call….I was the last person on the plane.
  • I purchased a SIM card and got my mobile online which is handy.
  • I boarded the Underground train to travel to my destination (Wombats City Hostel London)
  • I read my instructions i wrote for myself wrong
  • I ended up at the destination where i’m meant to meet Contiki on Saturday
  • 1 hour train ride in the wrong direction
  • Realise my mistake so turn around and catch the train back
  • Security evacuation at one of the train stations delays us for a long long time
  • Decide to give up on the train so get off at the next station and jump in a taxi
  • Finally arrive at Hostel
  • Meet 2 of my 5 roommates
  • They were cool
  • Went for a walk to the Tower Bridge and took some touristy snaps (here’s one now)


  • Came back to the hostel and decided to go to the bar underneath the hostel for a quick drink before bed
  • Met my roommate so thought we’d have a couple
  • Football starts, Germany vs France in the Euros
  • Drinks start flowing a little quicker
  • The entire bar props up a chair and watches the game


  • Meet a pretty girl at the bar from Ohio, she has a cute accent
  • Buy her a drink
  • She drinks Guinness
  • Bring her to the table to meet roommate
  • Also get chatting to a Mexican girl from New York
  • We argue about who are the better Beer Pong Players
  • Set up a game and start to play
  • Australia vs USA
  • We lost.
  • Lost my phone because too distracted by pretty girl
  • Bartender picks it up and looks after it for me because he could see i was preoccupied
  • Drinks still flowing
  • One man band sets up and starts playing some chilled out music
  • Gets everyone involved
  • Karaoke
  • Sing a longs
  • Everyone having a good time
  • Everyone is very talkative and cheery no matter who they are
  • Sit and drink a few more
  • We’re about 12 Captain Morgans in by now, i think about 8 of them were doubles
  • Organise to have breakfast with the girls in the morning
  • Everyone retires to bed because everyone is jet lagged
  • Its after midnight
  • Cant sleep because too much soft drink
  • Another roommate stumbles in at 1am making a hell of a racket
  • I get to sleep…
  • for 4 hours
  • Awake at 5am
  • Can’t get back to sleep
  • Trying to get shit organised but the room is dead silent.
  • I fall out of the bunk and wake everyone up
  • Then continue to further wake everyone as i fumble through my bag trying to get stuff done
  • Retire to my bunk where i am now to update a few things and get ready for the day
  • It’s 7.15am
  • Going for breakfast at 10ish
  • I’m fucking starving!!!

Thats all for now. More as the days unfold 🙂


  1. Myra

    OMG and that’s only day one, god help you and your poor liver after 3 months. A wee bit too eventful for a first day. Great that your having a good time, and meeting lots of people and a pretty girl ! Take care enjoy and stay safe. Love you xxx

    • onewayround

      Too eventful? It has only just begun 🙂 xo

  2. Gem

    😂😂😂 least u met some pretty ladies

    • onewayround

      Had a great day with the and then continued on. Papas a rollin’ stone!


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