Moore River Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day in the last weekend of November when we loaded up the 4WDs and headed north towards Moore River. With a convoy of 5 cars we headed up Wanneroo Road until the turn off that took us onto the bush tracks towards the river. There aren’t really road maps on these dirt tracks so we ended up taking a wrong turn which took us down one of the rockiest tracks i’d ever seen. It was this track that ended the journey for one car. He managed to bottom the car out on a pretty sharp rock that pierced the fuel tank and ultimately had to end the trip and drive straight home. And then there were 4.

So we cruised through the tracks for a while until we came across the river intersecting the road. In true Aussie spirit, rather than sticking to the main track and driving through the river, we took a left turn and drove up the river. Trucks in single file, tyres cutting through the river and seeking the perfect spot to park up for the day.

After a 10 minute journey up the river, passing other groups by who had chosen their prime spots, we came across a few sandbanks that were perfect for parking the cars on and setting up for the day. Plenty of shade for when the sun was too hot, a few nice spots to sit the chairs in the river and have a few beers and laugh with friends. So out came the chairs, the tables, the eskis and the kids. Straight into the water and splashing about cooling off from the blistering sun.


With the tunes turned right up, the beers flowing nicely and kids running wild in the water, it was time to fire up the bbq. Out came the snags, the chops and the steaks, and onto the barbie they went, filling the river with the beautiful smell of sizzling meat. The bbq sitting atop the table which was settled nicely in the river bed so the chef could keep his feet cool while he worked his magic.

After lunch, it was time for the adrenaline junkies to shine. Towing people on a bodyboard behind the truck through the river. We attached the tow straps and the junkies lined up. Being a gentleman i allowed the women to go first. That, and i also wanted to gauge how safe it was by using test dummies, and also wanted to sit on the roof of the truck to get some great action shots. We had an absolute laugh seeing everyone falling off and getting soaked but that didn’t stop everyone getting back up and trying again.

Me being the thrill seeker i am told the driver to go as fast as he possibly could through the river while i held on for dear life. Ultimately everyone knew this was a stupid idea, the driver and myself included, but just because its a stupid idea doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done (yeeeah i never really learn to listen to that little voice inside that says no). So off we went, top speed, me holding onto the rope as hard as tightly as i could, bodyboard skipping across the top of the water with ease, toes hanging slightly off the back of the board scraping across the river bed like sandpaper. Holding on was the easy part, controlling the board was also quite a breeze, but with the truck creating such a massive wake, it made it virtually impossible to see anything ahead. So with nothing short of jedi powers i navigated my way through the tight river bed, skipping across sandbanks and dodging exposed tree stumps, it was nothing short of pure skill. That was until i became a little too cocky and veered too close to the wake being created in front of me and managed to ride up the wave a few feet, resulting in me being flipped over and smashed into the sand banks we had came across. Everything hurt. Lol. My elbows, me knees, my feet, my pride.

Limping back to the group, bruised, beaten, soaking wet and covered in blood, but still with the biggest smile on my face! I love this shit! I love getting my adrenaline fix any way i can.