Contiki - Day 1

Day 1 of Contiki and already waking up with a slight hangover.

We came down stairs to meet everyone and split into our group so we could board the bus and head off to our first stop; it was was the White Cliffs of Dover on the coast of England. It was here we caught the ferry to France. The ride wasn’t too long, some beautiful scenery we were treated to.


We caught the bus to Paris stopping off at a rest stop along the way for snacks and a quick lunch.

Once we got into Paris and checked into our Ibis hotel, we came downstairs to the restaurant next door to enjoy our first taste of French cuisine…SNAILS!!! or escargot as they call them here. They were amazing. Nothing like what i thought they would be. Bucket list item ticked off! On day 1. Fucking loving it!

After a quick tour of the city on the bus we decided to go back to the bar and get drunk with everyone. It was definitely a good bonding experience for everyone. We made a massive circle of chairs and drank and laughed all night. #Contikifamily

Day 1 Contiki, great success!

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  1. Myra

    Snails yuk!!! Keep crossing of those bucket list items, hopefully you will get a few ticked off in 3 months. Love you xxx


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