Dubai stop over

So it’s finally here. Countdown complete. Adventure has begun!

I am currently in Dubai International Airport, sitting at the gate awaiting the flight to London.

I spent the day with Nicola at home just getting all my bags ready, double checking everything, and reheating chinese leftovers (always good the next morning). Then my lift came to take me to the airport. It was hard to say goodbye, harder than expected 🙁 i’m not going to lie…i cried. lol. But anyone who knows me knows this isn’t a new thing 😛

Mum and dad were kind enough to be my escort to the airport, not only because i wanted them to be the ones to take me, but because mum practically insisted lol. In the car on the way to the airport I think they could tell i was a bit excited, i couldn’t stop talking the whole way there, they were nice enough to let me waffle on. It was a very bitter sweet feeling at the airport. I was so happy sitting there scoffing pizza and having beers with them and we were all so excited for my trip, but we were all still going to miss each other.

(There was a picture with dad too but i only had access to the one photo at the moment)


After scoffing over half a pizza by myself, it was time to head through to the gate. I held back the tears while my parents were there, hugs, kisses, i love yous, but once i walked through that door and realised i was on my own, i had this massive overwhelming feeling of being immediately lost. It was all a little hazy going through customs and security, hazy enough that once i collected all my belongings after they were xrayed, i walked to my gate and sat and waited. Twiddling my thumbs just killing time scrolling through Facebook. Just as my plane was boarding i realised i had left my laptop at security. FUCK! I wasn’t even out of Perth Airport and already losing things. I dashed back and straight up to the counter. I told them i left my laptop and the security lady went and looked for it. I seen it sitting there right away, but it wasn’t as simple as just handing it over. She asked me questions about it, what it looked like, what kind it was, etc. Now, its at this point i must tell you that my best friend Nicola (from Nicola Anne Designs), had painted the cover of my macbook with a custom design for me, but, i hadn’t yet seen it because it was to be a surprise once i got there. (on a side note, Nic, i fucking love it, you never disappoint x)

So, back to the security desk, where this woman is asking me details of the laptop, my laptop, and guess what the first question she asks is…. “What is painted on the cover?”….i was like “ummm i’ve got no idea” lol. She looked at me odd, not looking good so far. She’s curious why i don’t know what is on the cover of my own laptop. So i tried to explain the situation and could see she just wasn’t believing me. Then i remembered i had put a sticker on the bottom with my email, i didn’t just tell her it, i kind of screamed at her i was so excited i remembered it lol

Alas! The laptop is mine again.


So i dash back to the gate where my flight is boarding, made it in plenty of time. The new A380 is a bloody big plane so there were hundreds of people to board. I got my seat on the window towards the back, and like a dream come true, there was nobody sitting next to me. I had 3 seats to myself. Feeling pretty damn good right about now. Then, just as the doors are about to shut, 2 people were the last to board and just made it onto the plane……guess where they were sitting……yup. Bye bye whole row to myself. Bye bye sleeping horizontally. Bye bye personal space. But, thats life, shit happens. Turns out they were a lovely couple and after some small talk and introductions, we hassled the hostess for a few early beers before service started, so we downed a couple together until it was time to sit and immerse myself in inflight entertainment. I watched 10 episodes of Brooklyn 9-9 Season 3, love that show!

I managed a small sleep on the plane but it was a very awkward sitting position and now i’m feeling pretty stiff all over.

But all in all it was a good flight, i arrived in Dubai at 5am local time, and I’m waiting on a 7am departure flight.

Fingers crossed no late comers come and steal my spare seats on this plane.

Next stop, London!


  1. Nicola

    Glad you love it!! Miss you squillions!!

    • onewayround

      Right back at you xx

  2. Myra

    Great to get the first long flight over, next one seems short in comparison. I hope you get a sleep before you arrive in bustling London. Keep your wits about you. Love you

  3. Gem

    This is gonna be a great read! Have a ball!!!


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