Life update - June 22nd 2016

So i thought i’d post something while i’m sitting here delayed at the airport. Basically because i’ve got nothing else to do but wait for a plane. I’ve just finished my second last swing at work before my adventure begins, and it was actually a pretty good week. Night shift is usually pretty difficult, dealing with fatigue and operating machinery for 12 hours is never easy, but having a few years of experience under my belt, you learn to cope with whatever the week has to throw at you.

The part that you never learn to cope with is when the plane can’t land at the airport to take you home because of the heavy low lying fog blanket that just magically forms the morning you’re supposed to leave. Someone upstairs is playing pranks i think. You cant get upset at anyone because it’s nobody’s fault really, these things happen, but after a 12.5 hour shift from 6pm-6.30am, at the end of a full week of the same, you’re ready to leave. Being stuck at an airport with extremely uncomfortable seats, nowhere to sleep except the cold hard ground and the only food available to you comes from a vending machine, tends to make you a little bit cranky and a whole lot cuckoo from delirium. It may sound twisted but one of the only things cheering me up was all the dead bodies. It is quite a funny sight seeing all the exhausted people lying around the airport, curled up into any position they can to try get some shut eye, or the ones who don’t even get a chance to find a comfortable position and just pass out while sitting upright lol

So the flight was supposed to be 8.15am but ended up departing at 2pm (6 hour delay), so by this time, unless you’ve managed to shut your eyes for a few minutes, you’ve been awake for 24 hours and kinda feeling like a grumpy baby who needs to be put down for a nap. Luckily, i am one of the fortunate people who can sleep on planes so i basically slept the entire way home. In the end, walking through my front door, feeling cranky, still delirious, but being home is still the best feeling. Busy week seeing friends and family, and then packing for a 3 month adventure before flying back to work Wednesday. Bring it on!


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